Monday, 10 February 2014

UK and Old Friends

Me on not to be take away at Stanage with Bob spotting.
Photo: Cath

About 10 years ago I went to the UK to live for 2 years as many Aussies do, on a working holiday visa. During that time I met an amazing group of people who I shared many, many crazy and amazing adventures with, both around town and out climbing. These people became more than just casual 
One of Mariano and Felicity's welcome notes
when we arrived in London  
traveling/climbing friends.
A few of these people I have seen since and some I even traveled with after the UK. But all I had not seen for many years.
For part of our trip Cath and I planned to spend three weeks catching up with as many of my old friends as possible. Understandably I was little nervous. Have I changed, have they changed, will we still get on, all the usual irrational nutty fears that plague most peoples minds before visiting people you haven’t seen for a long time.
What I found was, that it was like I had only been gone for a few months. As we caught up with various people around the UK it was instantly like old times if not a little greyer, with better wine and more kids! 

Thanks to all our friends for making our time in the UK so amazing, hopefully it wont be so long between visits next time!

Here is a little photo essay of our time in the UK

Bob, Mia and me watching Ludo tease the other dogs while out for a walk on the peak.
Bob doing what he does best cranking on Grit
Al at home getting ready for a chimney as Cath belays
at Almscliff, Hard to believe I missed these days!
It wasn't long before Al got me into a chimney as well
Photo by: Cath

Soloing Great Wester HVS at Almscliff, really missed days out soloing on Grit!
Photo by: Cath
We had a lovely guided tour of York
from Al, Clare and Idris 
Marty and his twin girls Kayla and Shenae, you know there will be double trouble if they take after their father!  ;)
Marty and I walking out to Saint Michael's Mount off the Cornwall Coast
Photo by: Cath
Godrevy Lighthouse off the Cornish Coast

Dartmoor in all its glory
Dave and his secret 8a training regime
Dave and Hannah preparing for the perfect
 conditions on Dartmoor

The Tate Modern
False Idol worship at the Tate Modern. Will we all die for our sins?

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